Taking a Look at all the Features of Golf-Scoring

Janie Bell

The Golf-Scoring for teams is a web-based app that helps golfers with the management of their game and gives accurate calculation regarding their score. It has been one of the most recommended apps out there among golfers to be used for this purpose. Golfers will require a system that helps them keep track of their progress while still being able to dedicate a huge bulk of their attention to perfecting their skills. Golf-Scoring is presented as a means for everyone playing the game to give their best and undivided attention to their performance and win the game with a perfect score.

Member-specific Features

The Golf-Scoring Features seem to be the primary attracting point that drives people to use it. The web-based app is available in their mobile version as well and it looks simple in its design, making it pretty straightforward in navigating all features and functions found on it. However, beyond its simple look, the app offers tons of advantages through its many key features and customization functions. The features are divided into two major groups: ones dedicated to the golfers and ones to the team. Each member must register to use the app and once registered; they can modify data about them right on it. An admin will be granted with the ability to authorize a golfer or to decide if a golfer is better off locked away. If the admin invites a member, said member can access their own profile to modify their information. Members can also be assigned to a team/group or be deleted by the admin. A registered member can overview their data about the tournaments he or she has taken part in. Confidentiality is upheld as passwords are protected and 100% encrypted while info such as email address and phone number can only be seen by a logged-in member. The feature also makes it possible to review the last game that a golfer who’s less active has played. Through this app, admin can also review the progress of a member; has it improved or regressed instead?

Team-specific Features

As for features dedicated to the team as a whole, the app is not short on functions to help everyone get better. A user can come up with as many groups as they like based on criteria such as clubs/teams, groups, and age groups. A team can select a captain and a co-captain. Both captain and co-captain possess a higher rank of rights compared to other golfers and they have access to a larger scope of data in turn. Everyone in the team can view all players and read several different information as well as statistics regarding a player. The team-specific feature also contains information about the revenue from the tournament, revenue obtained by the team, and the revenue of individual member. It also provides data for evaluation and information regarding the reliability of each and every one of the players. The appointed captain is capable of sending news individually to his team members or chooses to post something on the dashboard for everyone to read.

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